Corporate Profile

Tanaka Printing Co., Ltd.
Representative Director:
Yuichi Tanaka
1042-1 Koizumi-cho, Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture 522-0043
+81 (0)749-22-0362
1 October, 1954
10 million yen
Yuichi Tanaka, Hisae Tanaka
Number of employees:
Shiga Chuou Shinkin Bank (Hikone Sales Department), Shiga Bank (Hikone and Hikone Minami Branches), Resona Bank (Hikone Branch)

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By Public Transport
About 10 minutes by foot from Minami-Hikone Station on the JR Tokaido Main Line, About 10 minutes by foot from Ohmi Railway Hikoneguchi Station.
By Car:
About 15 minutes from the MEISHIN EXPRESSWAY Hikone IC.

Business Content

To attract customers to stop and have a closer look

  • Virtual Mannequin EZR
  • Cubic Screen Mini

To explain to customers who have stopped by

  • 3DCG Movies
  • AR (Augmented Reality)
  • Printed Materials (catalogs, pamphlets, name cards)

We have thought about effective ways to attract customers to stop by so you can explain the product

  • Manufacturing and producing exhibition booths

How we think about website production

  • Solutions to get a high rank in search results, so that it’s easy for customers to find based on their interests
  • Solutions for using AR (Augmented Reality) to make it easy to access the website


  • Advertising Agency (Biwako Broadcasting Co., Ltd.)
  • Rental customer-stopping products
  • Various printed materials
  • 3D Animation, Planning / Production
  • Various printed materials (flyers, direct mail, pamphlets, posters, envelopes, vouchers, business cards etc.)
  • Planning and production of DVDs for company guides, business guides, product guides etc.
  • Planning, research and production of newspapers and information magazines
  • Planning, production, management and operation of websites
  • Sales support, planning coordination
  • Design of exhibition booths, sales of promotional products


Tanaka Printing is founded by Tsunajiro Tanaka at 1-82 Hikone-cho, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. The company begins operations.
The company is jointly managed by Tsunajiro Tanaka and his son Tsunao Tanaka.
The company is reorganized as TANAKA PRINTING CO., LTD. capitalized at 700,000 yen. Tsunao Tanaka takes office as Representative Director.
October 1965
The company’s capital increases to 3.5 million yen.
March 1971
The address of the Company is changed to 1042-1 Koizumi-cho, Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan.
September 1985
Tsunao Tanaka resigns as Representative Director. Yuichi Tanaka takes over as Representative Director.
April 1989
The company’s capital increases to 10 million yen.
July 1997
The company’s office is reconstructed.
December 2003
Yuichi Tanaka takes office as Guest Professor at Jilin College of the Arts (a national art college in China).
October 2004
Dalian Chushi Packing Co., Ltd. is established in China and is 100% capitalized by Tanaka Printing. Dalian Kaiwa Design Co., Ltd. is jointly established in Dalian, China by Tanaka Printing and Dalian Haida Printing Co., Ltd. Dalian Chushi Packing Co., Ltd. is dissolved thereafter. Tanaka Printing takes charge of the Japanese-language DTP division of Haida Group.
February 2006
The company withdraws from Dalian Kaiwa Design Co., Ltd.
October 2006
The company establishes an office for 3D related business at the Animation School of Jilin College of the Arts in Changchun, China.
March 2008
The office for 3D related business at the Animation School of Jilin College of the Arts in Changchun, China is closed.
December 2009
Application for a new design with a calendar. Design 2009-030428
October 2011
Won the Osaka Creations Exchange 2011 Creative Business Award at Osaka Creations Exchange 2011, the largest content exhibition business convention in western Japan.
July 2014
Registered trademark T-Chara is registered (registration number 5686453)
November 2015
Registered trademark Cubic Screen is registered (registration number 5804253)
October 2016
Advertising agency business begins (Biwako Broadcasting Co., Ltd.)