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Virtual Mannequin EZR

virtual mannequin ezr

Virtual Mannequin EZR

Eye Catching! Attractive to Customers! Attention Grabbing!
Virtual mannequins have outstanding impact to attract customers. They can be used for indoor events, exhibitions and at stores.
It is also recommended for inbound business thanks to the foreign language announcement function.

A new form of digital signage

It is easy to carry and set up as the “projector” and the “humanoid projection stand” are integrated.
Setting up the life-size virtual mannequin only requires a small space with a width of at least 40 cm and a depth of 36 cm.

About the Pole to Hang a Banner

In cases where the projection may be poor at a trade show venue or commercial facility due to strong light from the rear or the side of the virtual mannequin, please make use of a hanging banner to shield it from the light. (Please prepare the banner beforehand)

Language switch system for inbound business

You can switch the announcement language just by pressing a button, so that foreigners can understand. (Eg: It is possible to record get a native voice actor to record in English, Chinese or Korean) A button can be used to select the movie, so it is possible to have explanations for different products. (Button selection app, USB switch selector and a notebook PC are required)


CG Virtual Mannequin EZR Desktop

CG Virtual Mannequin EZR Desktop
The Desktop version is now released,which still includes all the features from the life-size EZR model
By removing the legs of the standard life-size Virtual Mannequin EZR, this model is made for table-top use.

It is lightweight for the purpose of frequent moving, so it can be stored in a light vehicle with the corrugated plastic box for packing divided in 2 between the casing box that stores the projector and the mannequin screen box.
Main body weight 12 kg / 13 kg less than the conventional model
It has been made lighter thanks to the removal of the legs, the mannequin screen being made smaller and the thickness decreasing by 3 mm to become 5 mm.

Installation size

  • Height 940 mm
  • Width 400 mm
  • Depth 300 mm (460 mm with the fall prevention bar)
  • Weight 12 kg
  • Power Consumption 313 W

Cubic Screen Mini

cubic screen mini

Rear Projection 3D Screen Cubic Screen mini

A mini size with a big impact! Turning the product package into a 3D screen can create a strong appeal for the image of the product, by allowing you to showcase the product variations or the interior of the package. Using a mannequin as a 3D screen creates an impact that cannot be achieved with a flat screen.

  • The video plays automatically just by switching it on
  • It has a compact size that can be installed in a product shelf with a depth of 30 cm
  • Energy saving specifications with power consumption of 65w

The Momo-type humanoid 3D screen is the standard attached screen. When manufacturing a product screen for you, a metal mold fabrication fee for the vacuum molding as well as the vacuum molding fee will be required separately. (Standard Screen)


If you use the RICOH Integrated Cloud Environment, our company can perform the management of your content. The STB of the device operates as a signage-only environment, so you can be confident about the security. A 3G connection can be used instead of the network environment in the installed location.


T-Chara AR

t-chara ar

T-Chara AR

Augmented Reality – A virtual world appears right in front of you.

AR is a technology that combines the real world that is seen through the built-in cameras of smartphones and tablets, with a virtual world that includes fictional characters. In addition to characters, it can also display invisible knowledge and information content as well as complementary videos.

What is AR (Augmented Reality)?

By opening the app on your smartphone or tablet and scanning the optional movie, the original character moves and starts to speak…
Welcome to a mysterious world of surprises and excitement where the real world and the virtual are mixed together.

T-Chara AR

T-Chara AR is an AR app for smartphones and tablets that allows users to easily experience AR (Augmented Reality). Users can see 3D characters just by hovering their smartphones and tablets over the marker. Designated websites will appear once the characters are tapped.


Cubic Screen

cubic screen

Rear Projection 3D Screen Cubic Screen

A new form of digital signage which attracts plenty of attention!

This is a 3-dimensional screen that uses a transparent mold which has been processed for projections. Thanks to using rear projection, it can display a new type of digital signage that makes use of the textures of three dimensions.

With the torso type 1 PC can be used with 2 projectors, so it can be projected onto 4 bodies. We can provide original shaping based on your requirements.

The Cubic Screen can be used for variety of purposes.

  • Displays and advertisement at stores
  • Guide at events and sales
  • Products PR on a display rack

It can be used for marketing when connected to a button switch and a printer.

  • Product Ranking Combined with Research!
    Swim wear rankings for this summer
  • So delicious! Food I Recommend
  • You can win small gifts and meal tickets etc. from the lottery

Increase the popularity of your sales and attract customers to specialty stores!

  • Shop Targeting Campaign
  • Mother’s Day Suggestions by Specialty Stores
  • Presenting Special Offer Vouchers for Each Shop