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Tanaka Printing Co., Ltd. is a printing company

With our production and printing technologies that we have developed over many years, Tanaka Printing Co., Ltd. produces everything you need, from name cards and advertising materials to catalogs and posters. We can provide high quality services that can have a big impact on our customers’ marketing. Planning and Design Production We welcome clients from many different industries, from large corporations to local businesses. We can provide designs for small materials, as well as branding and logo production. Whether for individuals or businesses, we can deliver the most appropriate, high quality design proposals for a variety of purposes. Offset Printing We speedily deliver beautiful, top quality printing using a high […]

Website Production

In the current business scene, the website is a key point among all advertising media. It is required to connect with various social networks and to be accessible from portable devices. With site design, user interfaces and management interfaces that are compatible with each type of device, we can provide plans that suit your concept. We can also build independently designed sites from scratch that go beyond what packages such as MovableType or WordPress etc. can provide. Contents of Website Production Website building Web planning Interface design Various programs (PHP+SQL, CGI/perl) Flash E-Commerce website production Examples of our website production MESCO, Inc. Showa Valve Co., Ltd. Buddhist Altar Artisans Seki […]
アプリ(T-Chara AR)を起動し、スマートフォンやタブレットをかざすとあっと驚くコンテンツをお楽しみいただけます。アプリをダウンロードし、かざしてお試しください。

Augmented Reality

T-Chara AR A virtual world appears right in front of you. By opening the app on your smartphone or tablet and scanning the optional movie, the original character moves and starts to speak… Welcome to a mysterious world of surprises and excitement where the real world and the virtual are mixed together. You can rely on us to create characters etc. for AR (Augmented Reality). What is AR (Augmented Reality)? AR is a technology that combines the real world that is seen through the built-in cameras of smartphones and tablets, with a virtual world that includes fictional characters. In addition to characters, it can also display invisible knowledge and information […]


We also make booths for events and trade shows We provide quality design to bring success to our customers. We provide a wide range of services, from digital signage to exhibition booths and signboards. We don’t just create booths, but also related exhibition content such as research and video creation, as well as coordinated website production etc.

We can give shape to what your potential customers want

We provide printing, websites, AR apps and even exhibitions for your potential customers.

With the knowhow that we have developed over many years, we can provide high quality services that can have a big impact on our customer’s marketing, such as by using digital content that we produce to give explanations using the plasma or LED displays on digital signage devices.