You can rely on us to attract customers to stop and look.

CG Virtual Mannequin EZR

CG Virtual Mannequin EZR

Eye Catching! Attractive to Customers! Attention Grabbing! Virtual mannequins have outstanding impact to attract customers. They can be used for indoor events, exhibitions and at stores. It is also recommended for inbound business thanks to the foreign language announcement function.
CG Virtual Mannequin EZR Desktop

CG Virtual Mannequin EZR Desktop

The Desktop version is now released,which still includes all the features from the life-size EZR model By removing the legs of the standard life-size Virtual Mannequin EZR, this model is made for table-top use.

Cubic Screen

Rear Projection 3D Screen This is a 3-dimensional screen that uses a transparent mold which has been processed for projections. Thanks to using rear projection, it can display a new type of digital signage that makes use of the textures of three dimensions. See our Video Gallery (Exhibitions etc.) for the actual video.
モモタイプの人型立体スクリーンが標準付属スクリーンになります。お客様の商品スクリーンを製作させて頂く場合は、真空成型用の金型作成費用、真空成型費用が別途必要になります。 電源を入れるだけで映像が自動再生 奥行き30cmの商品棚に設置できるコンパクトサイズ 消費電力65wの省エネ仕様

Cubic Screen mini

Rear Projection 3D Screen The mini-sized Cubic Screen may be small, but it has a big impact! Turning the product package into a 3D screen can create a strong appeal for the image of the product, by allowing you to showcase the product variations or the interior of the package. Using a mannequin as a 3D screen creates an impact that cannot be achieved with a flat screen.

“information can only reach those who are interested”

No matter how good the product you are displaying is, you cannot succeed as a business if your customers just walk by without looking. Claude Shannon once said that

“information can only be communicated to those who are interested”

This is exactly right. People pass by if they are not interested. They walk by exhibition booths and stores while judging if they are of interest. This takes only a moment, 3 seconds at the longest.
Everyone has difficulties with this.

CG Virtual Mannequins and Cubic Screens are not common, which makes people stop and wonder:
“What is this? How is it moving? It’s unusual and cute.”

Elements that people react to include light, movement and sound.
As CG Virtual Mannequins and Cubic Screen have these elements, there is a high chance that people will stop in front of them.

Once they have stopped to look, you can show them things you have prepared to interest them, as well as what sets it apart from products in the same field. It could have been a product your customer was interested in all along.
If you can give explanations using 3DCG movies and CG architectural visualization etc. through LCD or LED displays on digital signage devices, your customers’ understanding of your product is sure to improve.
In an age that is overflowing with information, we can provide a system that will accurately deliver the information that you want to communicate.