CG Virtual Mannequin EZR

Eye Catching! Attractive to Customers! Attention Grabbing! Virtual mannequins have outstanding impact to attract customers. They can be used for indoor events, exhibitions and at stores. It is also recommended for inbound business thanks to the foreign language announcement function.

A new form of digital signage

  • It is easy to carry and set up as the “projector” and the “humanoid projection stand” are integrated.
  • Setting up the life-size virtual mannequin only requires a small space with a width of at least 40 cm and a depth of 36 cm.

About the Pole to Hang a Banner

In cases where the projection may be poor at a trade show venue or commercial facility due to strong light from the rear or the side of the virtual mannequin, please make use of a hanging banner to shield it from the light. (Please prepare the banner beforehand)

Language switch system for inbound business

You can switch the announcement language just by pressing a button, so that foreigners can understand. (e.g.: Announcements can be recorded in English, Chinese, Korean etc. by local voice actors.)
A button can be used to select the movie, so it is possible to have explanations for different products. (Button selection app, USB switch selector and a notebook PC are required)